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At my wits end with waproamd

I'm at a hotel with "free wireless" and I'm having a devil of a time
getting anything to work.  I am using waproamd which seems to be able
to associate with one of seven APs it finds on site.  So far, so good.

I have the following line in /etc/network/interfaces:

iface ath0 inet dhcp

and all the other scripts under /etc/waproamd/* are the package

The first major problem is that I am using pump for a dhcp client and
watching the syslog output I can see that pump is being called via
ifup, but it fails each time.  However, if I manually run:

pump -i ath0

then it succeeds and I get an IP address and DNS addresses.  How can I
force the -i ath0 option through the interfaces file?  My guess is that
pump is just being called without arguments and is defaulting to eth0
which I'm not using right now.

Lastly, how can I direct the scripts to run the script to reconfigure
my firewall once the IP addresses are set via dhcp?

Perhaps it's just too early in the morning and I can't sleep, but I'm
not making any sense of the scripts included with waproamd and how to
bend them to my will.  The dearth of comprehensive documentation in the
package and that found by Google has added to my frustration this
morning.  Any and all examples are appreciated.


- Nate >>

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