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Re: annoying mutt problem

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 12:45:17AM -0700, Sean wrote:
> After fetching my mail from my isp's pop server, mutt usually only 
> displays the first 10 or so messages.  The others although fetched by 
> fetchmail, don't display in my mailbox for a few minutes, according to 
> mutt.  If I have about 50 or so, I can quit mutt, and go back in to see 
> all the messages.  However if there are 200 or so, like today, it takes 
> 2 or so minutes and quitting and restarting mutt before I see them all.  
> What's appening here?  Can I fix that?
> Sean

I had that too once with a large batch of mail. I think the problem is
that some of the messages are still "in the system". E.g. they may
still be getting processed by procmail or spamassassin. You can try
using `ps' to see which processes are running. Maybe that helps.

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