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Re: aptitude keeps trying to replace my vim-gtk and ftpd

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 02:35:49PM -0500, Wayne Topa wrote:
>Well it struck me a bit odd that I had bluefish runing an edit of my
>web page and aptitude was somehow informed that it wasn't being used.
>In the two weeks I've been trying to get back to where I was, apitiude
>has removed then installed then removed over 50 Meg of packages.
>Thank God most were on the CD set!
>Thanks for your reply.  I think I'll just remove aptitude and keep
>doing the dselsct update ; apt-get dist-upgrade.  Seems a bit more
>understandable then what I have seen from aptitude.

Hmmm, I haven't taken the time to get into aptitude yet (the first time
I used it was a few weeks ago in order to get Gnome2.8 installed).
Except for the odd experimental package (where aptitude behaves rather
well) I mostly use apt-get and debfoster.


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