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Re: Antivirus/Antispyware/Antiadware for linux?

On 2004-11-16, Shawn McCuan <mccuan@wave3.org> wrote:
> Are there any good open source AntiVirus, Spyware, Adware programs for 
> linux? I have just recentley decided to make a total switch to Linux. I 
> want to make sure that i keep my system free of these types of "annoyances."

Linux doesn't support viruses to begin with, so we don't need to worry
about fighting them. Spyware is basically possible, but we never see them
either because it would be hard to implement for secure unix-like systems
and because we use open source software where features and bugs are 
difficult to hide.

If you have a mail server and Windows clients, you may want to protect 
them with antivirus. Google will find you many solutions, but few of them 
are open source (clamav comes to mind).

Juha Siltala

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