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[OT?] recreating lost iPod database

hey all,

been using gtkpod with my iPod happily for about a month+ now.  love

yesterday, i forgot to plug in the 'pod before starting up gtkpod, so
it (naturally) couldn't find the database to read.  somehow, in
unplugging and replugging, and starting and restarting gtkpod (this
should have been simple, but i screwed it up), i managed to write the
blank database that gtkpod was displaying to my iPod -- at least,
that's what i think has happened.

now, when i start up gtkpod, sometimes it'll give me an error about
not being able to read the iTunesDB, sometimes not.  but it shows that
i have no files.  looking at the music files on the mounted volume, i
see that they're all still there; a quick df -h shows that i've lost
no data except for that table:

/dev/sda2              18G   16G  2.8G  85% /media/ipod

the iPod itself shows that i have no music, no artists, no anything.
it also shows that i have 18.5G used, and 2.8G available.  all

so what i need to do is recreate the table, if possible.  my only
other option, afaict, is to delete all the files in there from the
iPod_Control/Music/f* folders (can i just say: weirdest directory
structure _ever_?!) and then dump everything on again.  NOT what i
want to do.

i'm not sure this is possible, because the mp3 files in the 
iPod_Control/Music/f* folders don't appear to have id3 tags:

homeruns:..Pod_Control/Music/f00> file gtkpod00069.mp3
gtkpod00069.mp3: MPEG 1.0 layer 3 audio stream data,  48 kBit/s, 44.1 kHz, stereo

homeruns:..Pod_Control/Music/f00> id3 -l gtkpod00069.mp3
gtkpod00069.mp3: No ID3 tag.

any ideas on where to go from here?  i'd really like to recover this
data, if at all possible!  also, ideas of where i'd be better off
asking this question would rock ...

thanks a ton!


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