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RE: Base system install- eval: 3: Syntax error: newline unexpected (expecting ")")

Well, I didn't see this until after the last post.  I'll get in sync here in
a second!  And, thanks for the response.

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> Are you using 'net install' (the name given to the new install system)

I think so...

> in your attempts to get started? If not, you should download the
> CD image of
> net-install and try it. In its most straight forward use mode, it
> will install
> Sarge.

I'm using an iso image called sarge-i386-netinst-newest.iso.  I assume this
is the net-install image you are refering to (?).

> > Is there any documentation on what scripts, etc. are executed
> during base
> > install so I can fix this myself?  "eval" is a shell command, so I'm
> > assuming this is just a quick fix in a script somewhere.  Is
> debootstrap a
> > script?
> Fixing the installation scripts would be a really bad way to get
> started in
> Debian. Almost no books on how Debian does things, but lots of
> documentation
> at the Debian web site under 'developers' or some such link.
> Debian packages are really just tar files whose contents conform to Debian
> spec.s. You can untar and see the scripts.

OK- hopefully, I won't have to go that far, but judging from the error I was
getting, I made the wild assumption that it was a pretty simple syntax error
in a script I could just fix real quick and move on (jafloc- "Just A Few
Lines Of Code" ;-)

> >
> > And, if worst comes to worst and I have to install woody and
> upgrade, I will
> > need to get the iso image, do the install, then get the
> ethernet driver, and
> > add that before I get on-line.  I don't really need a cookbook,
> but if you
> > can you point me to the documentation that describes where and how to go
> > about getting and installing drivers before the system is
> on-line (I would
> > need to download it to a CD from with a WinDoze machine that is
> currently up
> > and running) it would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Allen
> >
> Suggestion: You need to find out which version(s) of the kernel
> contain support
> for your net card. You might be able to learn this by searching
> package contents
> at the Debian web site. Once you know which kernel version you
> need, taylor your
> install process towards getting that kernel. (Drivers are kernel
> version specific
> in UNIX-like systems.)
> My guess at this point is that you experienced some unfortunate
> glitch in some
> earlier work that has lead you down a wrong path. You may be
> doing something that
> keeps the install scripts from finding your hardware; something
> that you think

I'm not seeing any hardware errors- just that eval syntax error on the
console 3 screen.  On console 1, the install screen, I only get a message
that "deboostrap program exited with an error (return value 2)".  I don't
suppose the fact I'm using logical volumes would affect this?  I *think* I
tried it without, and got the same thing.  What is debootstrap?

> is necessary, but is not. Download a fresh, new copy of
> net-install, and go
> thru the install steps, slowly. This installer does find hardware
> pretty well,
> it also looks for DHCP provider pretty much automatically, but
> you need to have

I am downloading these images, one at a time, from the earliest to the most
recent, in the hopes that one of them will work.

> the hardware connected to your LAN during install for this to work.
> More questions welcome. As I learn more about your situation, my
> advice my become
> more helpful.
> --
> Paul E Condon
> pecondon@mesanetworks.net

Thank you Paul.

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