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Re: 2.0.33 is no good for lic6-dev 2.0.33 is no good for lic6-dev ? 2.0 boot floppies 3c905b 3d pass through aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! AccelX and "Could not open display :0" Re: Adaptec 2840 VLB Fails from bootdisk Adaptec aic 7895 aha2940 Adding user Interface to programs. adding users via scripts Additional resourrces on hylafax ADSL? "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment" vs "Beginning Linux Programming" Re: "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment" vs "Beginning Linux Programming" AfterStep AfterStep 1.4 bug? AfterStep bug?? Afterstep command not found after upgrading to hamm, ppp problems Again: Mouse problem running 'xbase-configure' alias not passed to xterm AMD K6 Am I missing something or is this a HUGE security flaw? angband save problems Another failure notice Re: Another failure notice (fwd) anybody have/use ADSL? apache Apache 1.3b Virtual Hosts Apache AddHandler Question apache mailing list for users? apache on debian Apache package q Apache & Swish-E Don't Get Along? An apology applixware ATAPI Tape Drives Re: ATI Rage Pro AGP `ATI Rage Pro AGP' and `SMART drive' in Dell Optiplex? Ok for Linux? ATM support Attempting to install on Dell 433/M 0.27 released autoup v0.22 problem AWE64 & losing my mind!!! (short trip) Backups on Iomega-ditto 2Gb tape drive backup superblocks/bad drive backup s/w suggestions begginner Re: biff/new mail - blink LED indicators on keyboard binary-i386 + binary-all >650 MB = CD size... bind listening on strange port Block device name by dselect-program (ACCESS) Block device name by dselect-program (ACCESS) -Reply bo box FOUND for security X build bo box needed for X security build Books or Debian wrong? and other stuff boot can't mount root fs the boot disk's kernel boot failure: "hde: Probing with STATUS instead of ALTSTATUS" Booting problem after install (Same as Tommas) Booting stops since CD-Recorder is connected Boot problem Boot problem after installation Re: Boot problem after installation (and a cfdisk query) boot prompt argument problem boot time options broken upgrade of gzip BSDlpd to LPrng - no space on remote Re: Bug#22557: bo-unstable dir: missing deb file. Bug in su or mc ? burning hamm on CD. Re: burning hamm on CD.(deleting links) call back for ppp Can anyone explain why this fails ? Can anyone help me Can anyone help me? Can I get a Hamm CD?? Can I read NTFS from Linux? Cannot link ossmixer (KDE application) on hamm Can't boot up from resc1440tecra.bin Can't compile perl library on hamm can't ftp to debian Can't get a kernel to recognize my Asus PCI-SC875 scsi card Can't recognize com port Can't remove device even as root can't start netscape Can't start X ! root Can't use rsh + netgroup alias... CD from hamm cdwrite cgi-scripts cgi-scripts package changing a users group changing default screen manger in x Checking filesystem info checking package integrity c include libreries cleaning up bad configuration Clear screen on logout (Re: Terminal Corruption) Re: COBOL? Color map in X colors in fvwm2 Compiled new Kernel now I can't boot Compile Problems Compiling Crack 5.0a in hamm compiling kernel Compiling mod_jserv.c for Apache 1.3b6 CONCLUSIONS: Re: burning hamm on CD. Configuring ISP access Configuring X window Re: CONFIRM s052521174026177 conflicting hamm packages: mc, e2fslibsg and e2fsprogs Connecting to a different LAN Re: Convert RedHat install to Debian .. Cpu creating simple interface for low-power users Creating small router systems cron problems crt1.o problem A Cry For Help Cut and paste question Cut and Paste/ Xirc? Database Connectivity via JDBC and Oracle Database Manager DDS2 - TAPE - BACKUP Dead keys and X11 3.3.2 & svgalib and mouse I/O permissions... Deb-1.3/ncFtp/ftpwatch Re:Debian Re: Debian... Debian 1.1 archive still around? Debian 1.31 Debian 1.3.1 - Netscape 4.05 Debian 2.0 Debian 2.0 FAQ Debian 2 frozen problems Debian and w95 after adding memory Debian as mail server and firewall Debian dead? Re: Debian from the Stampede's POV Debian games? Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 and WindowsNT? Debian/GNU Linux on IBM PS/2 Debian install an 'borrowed' PC for trial Debian JDK page Re: Debian Linux and W95 coexist? Re: Debian listserver on 2% Debian named and blank files Debian on COMPAQ ProLine 2500 ??? Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #344 [ debian-user-request ] kernel-module version mismatch error Default Beep deleted files Delivery errors Dependency problem with bo's gzip depth and GTK Deselect locks computer -HAMM developer needs net access in Philadelphia and Atlantic City Diagnosing NFS or network problems Diagnostic tool recommendations? Re: Dict dictionaries? Diety / Apt Questions. The last update was on 10:24 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2597 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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