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Re: conflicting hamm packages: mc, e2fslibsg and e2fsprogs

On 3 May 1998, Torsten Hilbrich wrote:

> Bob Nielsen <nielsen@primenet.com> writes:
> > midnight commander now requires e2fsligsg, but when I tried installing
> > that, it won't install because of a conflict with e2fsprogs.  The packages
> > file says it conflicts with e2fsprogs <= 1.10-7. but I have 1.10-15
> > installed.  e2fsprogs says it conflicts with e2fslibsg (no version
> > listed).  mc still seems to work with e2fsprogs installed, however, but
> > dselect still wants to install e2fslibsg although it cannot do so.
> > 
> > Should I try forcing either the installation of e2fslibsg or the removal
> > of e2fsprogs?
> The latter First force the removal of e2fsprogs (IIRC
> --force-remove-essential) and then install e2fslibsg.  You need a
> package named comerr2g too.
>         Torsten

But checking the bug reports, it seems that e2fsprogs is to be preferred
over e2fslibsg and there is a recommendation that mc be recompiled with
e2fsprogs.  I think I'll leave things alone until the bugs are resolved
(after all it IS working as-is).


Bob Nielsen                 Internet:nielsen@primenet.com
Tucson, AZ                  AMPRnet:  w6swe@01.w6swe.ampr.org

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