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Re: compiling kernel

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Jim Crumley wrote:

> > I wanted to compile the kernel (2.0.9) and while making zImage, the
> > following error occured: "as86 not found"
> > Could you please explain me where to get this binary? The only thing I
> > have is 'as' but that doesnt work!
> I asked the same thing a couple of weeks ago.  Basically, you have
> to install the bin86 package (I am not sure why kernel-package or
> kernel-source don't depend on bin86).  Also, you should read
> the READMEs that come with kernel-package and kernel-source.

They don't depend on bin86 because it is only required for i386, other
archs don't need it.

Scott K. Ellis <storm@gate.net>                 http://www.gate.net/~storm/

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