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conflicting hamm packages: mc, e2fslibsg and e2fsprogs

midnight commander now requires e2fsligsg, but when I tried installing
that, it won't install because of a conflict with e2fsprogs.  The packages
file says it conflicts with e2fsprogs <= 1.10-7. but I have 1.10-15
installed.  e2fsprogs says it conflicts with e2fslibsg (no version
listed).  mc still seems to work with e2fsprogs installed, however, but
dselect still wants to install e2fslibsg although it cannot do so.

Should I try forcing either the installation of e2fslibsg or the removal
of e2fsprogs?


Bob Nielsen                 Internet: nielsen@primenet.com
Tucson, AZ                  AMPRnet:  w6swe@01.w6swe.ampr.org

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