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Re: Can't boot up from resc1440tecra.bin

Last night, I too verified that the Hamm Tecra disks are *not* working as
advertised....  This includes both the April 11 and April 26 (just made
available on Monday) versions....

I've got a Tecra 740.
Bo disks worked fine.

I finally got an install going by downloading base_20.tgz and other required
files to my Win95 partition and installing from there... But, of course,
upon rebooting, the installed kernel just caused my system to reboot as soon
as lilo loaded and started the kernel.  I got around this by creating a
"clean" kernel on my desktop system and creating a boot diskette with it
(remember to rdev it as required....<grin>...).  Once I got the Tecra
booted, I manually installed this new kernel onto the notebook (lilo.conf
and a `lilo`) and I was "in business".  Now, after a few nights work - in
total - I've got this system working quite nicely.... except for a Netscape

Anyway, this should probably be reported as a bug - if that's the proper
method....  But, I just thought I'd rant a bit and let you know that you're
not the only one with this problem... Oh, and to let you know how I got
around it....


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From: Masamichi Goudge <mguuji@med.nihon-u.ac.jp>
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Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 7:14 PM
Subject: Can't boot up from resc1440tecra.bin

>Now I'm trying to install hamm into IBM Thinkpad 380ED with using
>*1440tecra.bin, but resc1440tecra.bin freezes at "Loading linux.."
>Does anyone know the reason?
>P.S. When I tried to install bo into this machine with using bo's tecra
>install disks, then I saw color/mono select image. Why?
>Masamichi Goudge <mguuji@med.nihon-u.ac.jp>
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