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Re: !!! URGENT !!! Lost access to my system

On Wed, May 13, 1998 at 01:25:44PM +0000, Ionut Borcoman wrote:
> Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > Don't be stupid ;)what exactly that means well...ya got me....
> > I have messed up my own system more than once
> OK, you've got me wrong. How do I avoid this thing with loosing the
> access. And without a warning !!! 

Always keep a rescue disk around. Never work on the system as root, only if
it is really necessary. A normal user can't crash the system (well, he
shouldn't be able to do it at least).

There is nothing and nobody that or who prevents you from crashing the
system. If you log in as root, the system trusts you and do what you want.
You are god if you are root.

Never switch off the computer, even when it seems to be stuck. ESPECIALLY if
it stucks while e2fsck is running... I had a bad experience...

> About messing the system because of new packages, you're right: I also
> messed my system for several times and I'm aware it will happen in the
> future too. 8-)

Just installing a new package shouldn't mess your system (at least packages
from the stable distribution). If they do, it is a serious bug. But if you
configure your system in a different way, again, nothing will prevent you
from messing things up.
> > I use them simply because I hit Y at install time...if it required mor ethna that
> > I wouldn't
> Same for me.

Shadow password should not give you any problems. I never had problems with
shadow password, they are really the default today in the Linux world.

> Actually this system is not my home one, but it's the one from the
> office. Something for protection like shadow would be nice, though we
> don't have any secret data. For this system I'm the administrator (not a
> good one as you see) so I have to manage by myself. And with your help,
> I hope.

It is not only to hide secret data. If a cracker can login into your system,
he can try to crack different systems from this account, hiding his actions.
It would appear as if a user from your office is doing the crack. So you
definitely want safe your system, especially if it is connected to the

Thank you,

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