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Re: Can't get a kernel to recognize my Asus PCI-SC875 scsi card

"GDM" == G Dale Miller <gdmiller@wave.home.com> writes:

  GDM> I am trying to build a kernel with only the options I want now that I
  GDM> have hamm
  GDM> installed again. The boot floppy made from this install recognizes and
  GDM> uses the
  GDM> ASUS SC875 (Symbiosor NCR) scsi card that I have no problem but when I
  GDM> build my own kernel it won't recognize it.

  GDM> I am trying to build from the kernel-source-2.0.33 package in hamm
  GDM> and am choosing the ncr53c7xx,8xx option for my scsi card which I
  GDM> thought should work. Am I choosing the wrong card or missing some sort
  GDM> of option that is included in the boot disks?

  There are two drivers for the NCR 53c8xx SCSI card. You should not
choose nc53c7xx,8xx but the BSD driver (ncr53c8xx), which possibly
didn't show up or was grayed if you have selected nc53c7xx,8xx. 
       It's faster and works very fine with the SC875.

	Pierre Blanchet.

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