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Re: !!! URGENT !!! Can't boot back to Win95

On Tue, 26 May 1998 Kenneth.Scharf@coulter.com wrote:

> Use the kernerl-source-2.0.33-9.deb (latest) as the kernel source package
> to recompile.  The standard 2.0.33 source package (sunsite, tsx-11, etc)
> does NOT have the latest patches.  I made the mistake of trying to add the
> patches to the debian source package (which already had them) and it
> REMOVED the patches (reverse patch).  This is the default action of patch,
> and I didn't know what it (I) was doing at the time.  I think the fat-32
> option is in the internal code section (code page) of the menuconfig script
> as it is bundled with other stuff.

Conversely, if you want to try the 2.0.34prexx patches, it's probably best
to not use the Debian kernel-source package, as some of that appears to be
included (at least patch thinks so).


Bob Nielsen                 Internet: nielsen@primenet.com
Tucson, AZ                  AMPRnet:  w6swe@w6swe.ampr.org

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