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=( NTFS woes

Thanks for the shell info, I must have a messed up howto. <converted into
MsWord97, what do you expect?!>

Unfortuantely things didn't run sweetly:

-After trying it, I found that it isn't a shell script
-It's in .gz format, _not_ .tar.gz, changing it just confuses tar and gzip,
and tar tells me that it doesn't think it's an archive.
- That's all there is to the package, when unzipped all that results is
ntfs-971218. I try to run it but it doesn't like it, I try to make it an
executable shell script, and that doesn't work either
- The site I downloaded it from had a link to a readme, but I'm told by IE4
<aarrgghh!> that I can't connect to the server which it is on.

Does anyone know how to install this driver?


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