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On Tue, 12 May 1998, Lazar Fleysher wrote:

> Coudl someone tell me what ADSL is?
> Thank you

DSL means Digital Subscriber Loop. There are several types, that is why
you will often see it as xDSL. ADSL is Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Loop
which means that the data rates can be different speeds in teh up and down
directions.  The maximum data rate for ADSL is now 1.5Mbps, the same as
T1. The actual maximum will depend on things like your telephone line
quality and the distance to your telco central office.

ADSL works over your current voice line and does not interfere with voice
communications. No expensive special line needs to be installed as with T1
or Frame Relay. At some point, all subscriber lines will be converted to
ADSL as it becomes the standard. The telco is counting on this as their
way to start offering other services besides just internet service.
Streaming digital video of pay-per-view events is another application.

George Bonser

Microsoft! Which end of the stick do you want today?

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