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Re: Cpu

On Mon, 4 May 1998, Matej Grasic wrote:

> Hi!  Can somebody tell which low price CPU is for (made) Linux. I was
> thinking on Cyrix but I heard it is bugy, very uncompatible. So it looks
> that Intel is my only hope.  If somebody knows something interesting then
> please share it with me. Bye. 

Just to blow in the same horn as many others - take a AMD K6

I use a AMD K6-200-MMX (MMX ... what a joke ;-) and it works great. But
don't forget to get as much RAM as you can buy. And don't forget the
modern cachable area problem - most Intel chipset boards today can only
cache 64 MB RAM. The RAM above 64 MB is uncached and very very slow. I
had' 88 MB RAM on my GA586HX board with only the half tag RAM and so only
64 MB cachable area for a few weeks, and after putting the other half tag
RAM on the board, the machine is much faster. (400.64 BogoMips are not so
bad I think, but my other machine with its AMD 5x86-120 chip is no good
comparison ;-) 


Daniel Gross                                     eMail: dg@bingo.baynet.de
Hollarstrasse 2                                         dgross@gmx.net
D-85053 Ingolstadt, Germany

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