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Re: angband save problems

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
>         Here is the config.h file that is used in the packaged
>  version. This corresponds to the 2.8.3 version; the only changes made
>  about save files.
>         I am including a diff from the original, followed by the
>  actual file used.
>         manoj
>  baffled
>[snip config.h]

	Its 1am on a Saturday ... What the HELL am I doing messin' around with this
problem on Saturday night?!?  God, I need to get a life.

	Well, I have an answer, but I'm almost afraid to admit how long I've spent
trying to figure it out.  First off, I must have a real memory problem
(biological, not silicon).  My system also displayed the same behavior in
the console.  In the recent past, I've played (a little) Angband on DOS,
Win32, Linux Console, and Linux X.  I simply got confused about whether ^S
worked or not on my Linux system in the Console.
	Anyway, the problem isn't your config.h, its not Angband, its us the
*users*.  That's right, us.  The "problem" is that in a Linux console, by
default, XON/XOFF processing is turned on in the terminal driver.  There is
no corresponding functionality in X (but in this respect XTerm, acts just
like the console).
	To "fix" this "problem", all you need to do is issue the command 'stty
-ixon' in the terminal (tty) that your about to play Angband in.  This
disables XON processing, which means ^S isn't intercepted by the terminal
and gets passed to Angband instead (Angband was never *seeing* the ^S
keypress).  Of course, this only applies to playing Angband in the console,
or in an Xterm.
	[embarrassed flush, spreading quickly]  Oh well, at least I learned
something new.

	On another curious note, Manoj, why is Angband considered 'non-free'?


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