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Re: creating simple interface for low-power users

On Tuesday 26 May 1998, at 20 h 2, the keyboard of "G. Crimp" 
<ye416@victoria.tc.ca> wrote:

> 	I thought it would be great if I could set up their accounts so that
> when they logged in a button bar greated them.  They could invoke xpat2,
> logout, shutdown, or call up a graphic mail user agent (maybe xfmail or
> netscape) just by clicking the appropriate button.  Here is where I need
> 	I think this should be feasible.  I would make this button bar their
> login shell.  All that would remain would be to create the button bar. 
> I don't know where to go from here.  I have taken some programming classes
> and diddled with various languages, but have never done anything graphical. 

Impatience, lazyness and hubris. Always remember these three great virtues (© Larry Wall)

Do not program something which has already been programmed several times. You have the choices to do what you want without any programming with:

- fvwm and its GoodStuff module (I use it for myself),
- tkdesk (I use it at home for my girlfriend but she is younger than your parents),
- probably KDE and Enlightement but I don't have experiences.

Both fvwm and tkdesk can be configured to have a button bar. You can define one of the buttons to launch exmh (a graphical mail client).

Both fvwm and tkdesk exist as Debian packages.

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