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Re: Another failure notice

On Mon, 25 May 1998 13:00:23 +0100 (BST), (Ted Harding) wrote:

>In due course, list-admins should remove subscribers with persistent delivery
>problems. However, this should not be done immediately because the problem >may only be temporary.

    Well, that's fine and dandy.  It has been over three days now, confirmed
by at least 4 people on the list.  I think that is enough to call it
something other than "temporary" in just about anyone's book.

>Delivery problems are a fact of life, and at any time there
>are almost certain to be some subscribers to a mailing list with delivery
>problems, so people who post will get these messages. You just have to live
>with it.

    Took me almost three days to speak up about it.  It is the same user,
time to remove that person, plain and simple.  Enough is enough.

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