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Re: Adaptec 2840 VLB Fails from bootdisk

Hi Daniel; unless Mutt is confused, you wrote:
> I have a 486dx4/100 system that has both PCI and VLB on the same board.
> I have Caldera currently running on the machine.  The SCSI controller on
> it is a Adaptec 2840 VLB (Rev E, btw)
> Basically.. it hangs.. and gives errors something like "scsi0 spurrious
> intterupt" etc.... I'm using a boot disk that came with my CD from 1.3.1
> rev 6.

This is a known thing, and it happens only on 2842VLB card. The only solution
I know of is to have the boot disk reconfigured/ rewritten to use a specially
compiled kernel with only AIC77** (the one for the 2842 card) driver and none
of the other SCSI cards. I don't know if this is happening with hamm disks...
(I had switched over to the different card in the meantime)



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