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Re: Am I missing something or is this a HUGE security flaw?

Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella wrote:
> This is a no-answer. Starting X from the console is a valid -- and
> even prefered, IMHO -- way of starting X. If I *need* to use xdm, I'll
> always have to have the memory-eating "X", which seems unaceptable for
> me, if I'm not using X.

Ok, I should have provided more detail.

Don't start X that way - if you must start it from the console, you can use
"startx & ; exit" to start it and logout. Or something along those lines.

If you log in at the console, lock X, and are able to get back to your old
login, this is hardly a bug in X. You might want to look at using lockvc as

see shy jo

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