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Re: Debian 1.31

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Date: 08 May 1998 01:01
Subject: Re: Debian 1.31

>On  7 May, Jeff Noxon wrote:
>> On Thu, May 07, 1998 at 04:42:23PM -0400, Will Lowe wrote:
>>> > I want to have the ability to dual boot with Debian and Windows 95 ?
>>> > know with Windows NT and Windows 95 this is possible). Will such thing
>>> > be possible Debian & Windows 95?
>>> Absolutely.  Lots of us do this all the time.  Very easy to configure
>>> use.

With a RH instalation, it gives you the option of writing LILO to the
partition that is holding linux (in my case hda6) and then useing the IBM
boot manager (the one that comes with Partition magik 3) i can select OS at

Unfortunatly the IBM boot manager thingy requires LILO to be installed on
the linux partition you are going to boot from.

as yet i have not managed to achive this with debian.

So i recommend loadln, easy safe and convenatly handy when you need to
escape the M$ propaganda machine :)


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