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Can't get a kernel to recognize my Asus PCI-SC875 scsi card

I am trying to build a kernel with only the options I want now that I
have hamm
installed again. The boot floppy made from this install recognizes and
uses the
ASUS SC875 (Symbiosor NCR) scsi card that I have no problem but when I
build my own kernel it won't recognize it.

I am trying to build from the kernel-source-2.0.33 package in hamm
and am choosing the ncr53c7xx,8xx option for my scsi card which I
thought should work. Am I choosing the wrong card or missing some sort
of option that is included in the boot disks?

I am using the following:

All latest development elements contained in hamm
libstdc++, binutils, gcc2.8.1,g++ etc

I have been building kernels for years and never had this kind of
I guess that's what happens when you get new hardware (:  Any help
would be appreciated.

Dale Miller

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