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Re: Convert RedHat install to Debian ..


Nathan E Norman (finn@midco.net):
> I've got a Sun Netra I5, with serial console only.  The current Debian
> boot disks don't like the serial console, so I used RedHat's instead.
> Now I've got this Netra Linux box :)

AFAIK there is enhanced serial console support in 2.1.*. But don't forget,
2.1 is "unstable"!

I have no experience with Suns at all, but Maybe you can try this:

	make a standard debian bootdisk

	use your RedHat system to compile a 2.1 kernel with console support

and either

	replace the bootdisk's kernel with this one

	make the disks bootloader pass the necessary parameters for the
	serial console


	install the kernel on your system

	copy the disks root image to your system

	make your bootloader (SILO?) load this image as initrd as the
	bootdisks do and pass the parameters for the serial console

This is only an idea - maybe this works...


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