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Re: 2.0.33 is no good for lic6-dev ?

>>"Luiz" == Luiz Otavio L Zorzella <zorzella@conexware.com> writes:

Luiz> Forgive my dumbness... I've been thinking exactly what are the
Luiz> implications of what your're saying. Please correct me if I'm
Luiz> wrong:

Luiz> 1) sndshield, at *compilation time*, greps autoconf.h to guess
Luiz> which kernel version is being used. In my case, since it did not
Luiz> find any at /usr/src/linux/include, it found one at
Luiz> /usr/include, which was a symlink to 2.0.32 headers. This way it
Luiz> thought it was being compiled in a 2.0.32 system.

	It depends on whatever is in the directory /usr/src/linux to
 have any connection whatsover with the kernel one is compiling
 for. The kernel itself make no such assumptions. I compile kernel in
 /usr/local/src/kernel. No problems whatsover. 

Luiz> 2) sndshield, at *run time*, does a "uname -a" (or something) to
Luiz> find which kernel version is being run. In my case it found
Luiz> 2.0.33, and threw a mismatch.

	Probably (I have not looked at the source to see if this is
 what they are doing)

Luiz> 3) Most important: are you saying that even compiled against
Luiz> 2.0.32 headers, since it was compiled under 2.0.33 it was
Luiz> supposed to run without any problem?

	Who says it was compiled with 2.0.32 headers? From what I
 remember, you compiled with cc -I/usr/src/kernel-source-2.0.33/include,
 which means it was compiled with 2.0.33. The stupidityis that it knew
 better than you. It knew that the kernel sources are always always in

	The correct way to do this is to include linux/version.h and
 compare stuff like LINUX_VERSION_CODE or UTS_RELEASE with whatever
 unmae gives you. There are scores of example of how to do it right,
 without depending on what one has in /usr/src/linux.

Luiz> Question "3" is crutial for what I'm gonna suggest to OSS
Luiz> people. Before you wrote me, I was thinking of suggesting them
Luiz> to "-I" /usr/src/kernel-headers-`uname -r` in a debian system...

	Using grep in a case like this is evil. Ask them why they
 can't follow what the rest of kernel module writers are doing,
 namely, looking at uname(2), and comparing with LINUX_VERSION_CODE or


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