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Re: burning hamm on CD.


> Hi,
> I downloaded the Hamm/main at work, the problem is that the size of the
> tree is about 760 MB. I want to burn it to CD, but it won't fit.
> I noticed that a lot of packages are identical in the binary-0i386 and
> binary-all, can I remove the identical ones from the binary-all?

What software did you use to download the Debian distribution tree? As far
as I know there are no identical packages in the binary-i386 and in the
binary-all, but there are just symbolical links from binary-i386 to
binary-all. It is possible that your ftp software doesn't know symbolical
links and instead of making them  it downloaded the files twice - once in
the binary-i386 and once in the binary-all.

This is going to be problem in non-Linux systems as they cannot make any
symbolical links.

It is also possible that you simply counted sizes of those files twice, and
that you _have_ those symbolic links. But I wonder.

I will be very happy if somebody from this list answers to this problem.

All the very best,

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                      * Kukucinova 939/35             *
                      * 024 01 Kysucke Nove Mesto     *
                      * Slovakia, Europe              *
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                      * e-mail: peterp@frcatel.utc.sk *

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