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Re: compiling kernel

On 6 May 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:
> Joey> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >> Because the kernel-source and kernel-package packages are arrch
> >> independent, and the bin86 requirement is an intel-ism. Since we do
> >> not have a means of specifying architecture specific dependencies,
> >> we now pepper the documentation with hints about bin86 0(
> Joey> One way around this is to make kernel-package an architecture
> Joey> dependant package (in name only), and hack something into
> Joey> debian/rules to add the bin86 dependancy for i386.
> 	I am opposed to mangling a package merely to cover the
>  deficiency of another. 
> 	Besides, it shall not help the person who does not use
>  kernel-package. kernel-package is by no means mandatory (it has
>  priority optional, so is not installed by default either).
Just in case it had slipped your mind, bin86 /is/ installed by default.
It is standard, so I can only assume that the people who occasionally
ask the original question have at some time removed it. Perhaps a case
of overcleaning?

On the other hand, bin86's description says

Description: Assembler and loader for kernel compilation.
 This is the as86 and ld86 distribution written by Bruce Evans.
 It's a complete 8086 assembler and loader which can make 32-bit
 code for the 386+ processors (under linux it's used only to create
 the 16-bit bootsector and setup binaries).

Perhaps "compiling the kernel" could be added inside the parentheses,
so I've cc'd this posting to bin86's maintainer.

> 	Instead of glossing over this issue, we should investigate the
>  possibilities of the new dpkg that klee has produced.
> 	In the meanwhile, in any Debian produced kernel source package
>  or kernel-package package, there should already be directives as to
>  how to compile the kernel source. I still think people should read
>  those prior to compiling a kernel. Not having bin86 is only the
>  smallest of gotchas in a kernel compile.


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