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Clear screen on logout (Re: Terminal Corruption)

On Sun, 3 May 1998 sjc@gis.net wrote:

> BTW I put reset in my .bash_logout
> so that the tty gets reset when I logout
> (unfortunatly it does it in xterms too with su etc...
> there should be a better way? relaly I only did it to clear the
> screen on logout)

I finally broke down and did this the right way.  Before, I was doing a 
trap /usr/bin/clear EXIT
in my /etc/profile.  Now I have the characters that are echoed by clear at
the top of my /etc/issue and I unlinked my /etc/issue.net from my
/etc/issue so that telnet's and other network connections don't have this
clear effect, only the virtual terminals.

clear >/tmp/clear-chars
cat /tmp/clear-chars /etc/issue >/tmp/new-issue
rm /etc/issue.net
cp /etc/issue /etc/issue.net
mv /tmp/new-issue /etc/issue

Note, be sure that your boot scripts don't overwrite your /etc/issue.


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