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Re: AWE64 & losing my mind!!! (short trip)

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 09:01:23PM -0500, Greg Norris wrote:
>   As I'm sure you've already discerned, I'm looking for help in
> configuring linux for an AWE64.  I've read all of the HOWTOs that I've
> been able to find, but still havn't had any luck making it work.  I'm
> hoping that you all are smarter than I am <g>...

I am :)

This is an easy one! Look at the isapnp.conf file:

> # ACT = Activate


> # (ACT Y)
> # (ACT Y)
> # (ACT Y)


You have to activate the configuration, or isapnp will just do nothing!

Remove the dashes in all three lines I quoted above (the "(ACT Y)" lines),
and isapnp will actually configure your card.

the soundblaster-awe-howto maintainer

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