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Re: cleaning up bad configuration

The creative juices that flow while under the influence always
look really bad the next day. :-)

You are interested in the following:

/etc/ppp  <--- directory

Also; if in your state you thought it would be a good time to
recompile your kernel, make sure you have select ppp from
the network options list


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From: Thomas J. Malloy <tmalloy@escape.com>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 6:02 AM
Subject: cleaning up bad configuration

>Lets suppose I go out to pub one night and come reeling home after 8 or 9
>pints of stout.  Now when I get home I decide this would be fine time to
>make some configuration changes on my system. ( in this particular case it
>was changing the ppp settings for my new isp) So I sit down, login as root
>and start blissfully banging away on the key board.  When I awaken the
>next day the application I had configured doesn't work correctly at all.
>( What a suprise!) Not with the old isp and not with the new. I have tried
>on and off for several weeks to fix this, but have had no success. Since I
>am not really sure what I changed, I would like to remove all files that
>relate to ppp and then reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Deselect
>seems to leave the old config files.  How would I remove everything using
>dselect, or dpkg, or If I have to do it by hand what files should I remove?
>Thanks for any help and I hope we have all learned an important lesson
>from my sorry tale.
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