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crt1.o problem


	I am having a problem compiling some of my programs and they all complain
about not finding crt1.o. I have done a "find . -name crt1.o -print" on my
system and can not find that file. I had a crash last week and did a full
restore of my system from a backup the day prior to the crash. 

	Now when i try to compile the same programs that I had compiled prior to
the crash, they all complain about the same file. It will say "ln - crt1.o,
file or directory not found." Does any one know what package this file is
in so I can reinstall the package? I was thinking it was the libc5
libraries, as I am running Debian 1.3, Linux 2.029 kernel. Thought it might
be one of the C Run Time files, but why the restore program didn't restore
it is beyond me. Didn't want to reinstall everything until I checked with
y'all as I have a lot of respect for this group and have always been able
to get answers to many questions, even if I don't ask them. I get a lot of
information from others that ask.

	Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.....


Mike Acklin
l128620@lmtas.lmco.com (Work)
htuttle@dallas.net (Home)
Debian Newbie (Please bear with me!)

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