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Re: Can't get a kernel to recognize my Asus PCI-SC875 scsi card

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Pierre Blanchet wrote:

: "GDM" == G Dale Miller <gdmiller@wave.home.com> writes:
:   GDM> I am trying to build a kernel with only the options I want now that I
:   GDM> have hamm
:   GDM> installed again. The boot floppy made from this install recognizes and
:   GDM> uses the
:   GDM> ASUS SC875 (Symbiosor NCR) scsi card that I have no problem but when I
:   GDM> build my own kernel it won't recognize it.
:   GDM> I am trying to build from the kernel-source-2.0.33 package in hamm
:   GDM> and am choosing the ncr53c7xx,8xx option for my scsi card which I
:   GDM> thought should work. Am I choosing the wrong card or missing some sort
:   GDM> of option that is included in the boot disks?
:   There are two drivers for the NCR 53c8xx SCSI card. You should not
: choose nc53c7xx,8xx but the BSD driver (ncr53c8xx), which possibly
: didn't show up or was grayed if you have selected nc53c7xx,8xx. 
:        It's faster and works very fine with the SC875.

Just to second this - the Symbios 875 will NOT work with the
ncr53c75xx,8xx driver, even though it seems like it should.  What's
worse, if you choose that driver, `make config' does not give you the
option to choose the ncr53c8xx driver instead, so you night never
realise it exists.  I struggled with this for about a day :)

Perhaps this should be noted in the driver description?

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