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Re: creating simple interface for low-power users

On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 08:14:39AM -0500, Tim O'Brien wrote:
> > Impatience, lazyness and hubris. Always remember these three great virtues (© Larry Wall)
> > 
> > Do not program something which has already been programmed several times. You have the choices to do what you want without any programming with:
> I've used the Afterstep window manager to this end several times.. The 
> Wharf button bar can be customized for each user simply by modifying 
> their .steprc in the user's home directory. 

You WISH it was that easy.  Afterstep now requires you to play with
~/GNUstep and I've put using X even at low res on hold till I can make sense
of that mess.  It seems taht it need be no more complex than .steprc, but
they broke everything apart so it's modular.  Only thing is, they made a
mess of it in the process and there is no friendly tk program to configure
this version.

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