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Debian 2 frozen problems

Being a raw debian novice the following have tripped me:
When booting I get "Unable to load charset 437". Where do I find it
and put it to quiet this error.

I tried to mount a partition as "vfat" in fstab and get an error
message. After login, I can "mount" the vfat without problems. fstab
requires the msdos param to mount this dos partition.

Have a 5.1gb hda with fat32. Can I mount/read it? How?

My /usr/lost+found directory has numerous "#12345" type files. Can't
seem to find way to remove them. Permissions start with c,s, or b.
Chmod doesn't reference this.

Thank you!
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
E-Mail wb4mle@mindspring.com   
PGP KEYS D/H 0xB65DC61A   RSA 0x935801A9

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