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[no subject] 1.1 dselect stuff 21041 dec-chip Re: 2.1* kernels 3c59x with AUI media 3comm 509b Adaptec 2482 versus Debian 1.2.5 adduser All of a sudden lost mouse support... Re: ANNOUNCE: New Logo and Feedback Page for the Debian Logo (v7) Another NCP error Re: another PPP setup question ... Any help appreciated apsfilter_4.9.1-10.deb Re: 'at' command Re: 'at' command/ Apology AUI cable in 3C590 Automount (amd) cdrom and floppy Bad Address bad superblock (fwd) Re: bash2.0 & sysklogd Battery level monitor for Linux and X11? Re: Beginner kit Re: Beginner's Question Big Problem! The broken PPP saga continues! Bug with libraries? Re: Bug with libraries? -I'm having this problem! Re: can Linux r/w Windoze FAT32? Can't load modules into kernel. can't seem to load linux on micron transport laptop CD read problems installing with NEC t130 Change From: in mail clock Compiler Error Message cron doesn't start at boot up? Current rescue disk will not boot a Thinkpad 365X Re: cygnus win32 cross-compiler Re: DE200 network card Debian 1.2 -> 1.2.4: whence libpthreads? debian and ISDN? Debian installation Re: RE:Debian install tkdesk etc.. Debian install tkdesk etc... debian-newbie list Re: Debian on an umsdos zip disk Re: Debian on the shuttle Debian review in LJ Buyers Guide dec 21040 chipset Dependency problems and conjectures DepenGNUian Logo Re: DepenGNUian Logo - Boxing Kangaroo? /dev/cua2 - modem problems! help! /dev/tape: No such device Re: /dev/tape: No such device (the solution!) .dir_colors Directory structure at Debian Documentation for install/rescue kernel???? DOSEMU Re: Dosemu + FDOS problem dosemu problems Re: dselect and lprng... dselect change? dselect problems dsik with new kernel hung at rc.don (sort-of) Re: Easy ways of configuring Debian Re: Epson Stylus 500 & apsfilter /etc/alternatives -- Why? eth0: Insufficient memory; nuking packet. (??) Extremely rare Apache configuration FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages Re: fetchmail Re: Fetchmail/procmail Filesystemsize Finger? first installation, network problem Free Publicity from the RSA Data Security Challenge Re: Free Publicity via the RC5 Challenge From stable to unstable, your advise needed FTP problems (not DSELECT) Re: FTP problems (not DSELECT) (fwd) The Future of Debian's TeX system: tetex G77 in stable Gateway Solo 2100 Hanging Gnu C manual && Gdb warning Has 'pax' been Debian'nized? HD prob - bad inodes HELP! locked out of X - problem solved THANKS! Help! Messed up my MBR, don't have backup! Help! Messed up my MBR part 2 Help! Messed up my MBR (PART III) Help! Messed up my MBR (PROBLEM SOLVED!!!) Help Tecra 720CDT and fixed boot disks... Help with disk partition. help with dselect HELP! XDM locked me out of Linux! Here's what dselect silently ignored. Re: How do they burn CD's? Re: How long should it take to extract 1GIG off Tape? How to compile XF86_SVGA on Debian-1.2.xx? How to map <Alt>+<key> under X? How to properly set up a static IP address. Re: How to rebuild "available" file ? Hypernews (was Re: debian-newbie list) Re: I'd like to comment on the 6 disk system. ifconfig and dropped packets Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read Initial Installation Innd problems Re: installation of tetex Installation problem Installation problems. Re: Installation problem which now is network problem Re: Install from CD Installing Debian on an IBM Re: Installing from stable ie. rex-fixed does not work. install-problems Intranet ip masq kernel IP Masquerading? Re: IPX loading every 5 minutes Is there a dictionary for abbreviations like "WTF"? Re: Is there a dictionary ... solved Is there a WorkMan deb? java for linux Kernel compilation problem Re: kernel compile kerneld activity refuses to link the libraries I need... ldp and samba ldso_1.8.10-1.deb libc5 libc/locale bug in strftime()? libvga? Life, The Universe & Debian (was Re: Unstable vs. Stable) Re: LILO and WIN NT Re: Lilo query LILO query solved Limited size spool/mail/user files Limiting bandwidth on ftp server Linux and Fat32? linux file systems - frag-up Re: [linux-security] i386-elf-xquake-1.01.tgz (fwd) Linux - Win95 compatability Re: Linux -> Win NT 4.0 with Samba Re: Live filesystem on CDs load now pegs at 1 Logging problem/question lpd with remote filters lpr - help please! lprm says "Permission denied" Re: lprm says "Permission denied" (fwd) lprng & bouncequeus lprng problems lprng still disasterous Re: LPRng talking with lpd Re: ls colors gone after upgrade Re: The LSL TriLinux2 CD? m68k Mail and News with UUCP over TCP/IP mailcap error Make your kernel with "make bZimage". ??? Manual Pages Marimba - Bongo - Debian ... Re: Matrox Millenium Video Card Problem Memory leak in 1.2.6? menu Messages window in FVWM? Meta key: what's the right/best way? MH 6.8.4-8 broken or feature? Re: minor DNS problem The last update was on 09:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 922 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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