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Any help appreciated


this is my 4-th try to solve my problem. 
If somebody is interested in my concrete problem I can post
my further letters under the subjects "Installation failure",
"Once more: Installation failure" and "Instalation problems, anyway"
with private mail. I don't want to bother the readers of this list
with this question which seems to be not so frequently that somebody
is able to answer on spot.

I hope it would be helpfull if someone would be so kind to build
a resque disk for me which contains a kernel including nfs and
the network driver for my card (smc8000, which needs wd.c).
I would be very grateful if somebody would do this job which
could possibly solve my problem, because I'm not able to do that.

I don't need any CD-ROM driver or SCSI devices.

If somebody sees an other solution please tell me. I very urgently
need help.

Thanks for any help which brings me one step nearer a running
Debian system


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