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Re: Beginner kit

In your email to me, Brian S. Julin, you wrote:
> Oops.  Well I just accidentally dumped the mail I'm
> responding to.  This is Re: not wanting to buy a Debian
> CD or spend hours on the line downloading.  I saw that
> there is a company selling Linux-on-a-drive advertising in
> Linux Journal.  I think they were loading the drive with 
> Debian 1.1.  But you do have to commit to buying a 1.1G
> drive, so it comes out pretty pricy.  Good if you want to
> upgrade your hd anyway.  I can look up their contact
> if you don't subscribe to LJ; e-mail me.

We (Coastal Internet/buoy.com) do this also. We can supply the drive,
our you can ship us the drive. We partition it and load your choice
of packages on it. X11 config is extra because we just don't have
every card and monitor out there. There doesn't seem to be a lot
of response for it tho..


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