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Re: How long should it take to extract 1GIG off Tape?

 My Wangtek QIC 150 tape (an old 5110 ES drive) runs at a rate of
5MB/min, or 300MB/h, which should give 1GB in something near/below 4h
(if the 250MB-tapes are changed fast enough).  The streaming
throughput should be limited from the tape, not the host.

:  I'm just checking but whenever I extract the contents of my mirrored
: tapes it seems to take nearly all night to extract. At least 6 hours.
: That doesn't seem right to me. Is the kernel configured to work with all
: SCSI tape drives in an optimal manner? Is there the same kind of QIC
: interpretation problem like under Solaris here? ie. stconf.c?

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