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Re: debian-newbie list


I am a Linux (and Unix) "newbie" so before installing Debian I followed
this list for a while to get a sense of the likely problems and possible
solutions. Even without posting the list is helpful, but the sheer
volume of messages is difficult to handle.

I think Bruce's idea of building a web tree of responses is a really
good idea, but because it would seem to take a lot of effort to
coordinate, it may take a relatively longtime to implement (meaning lots
of messages everyday for the near future). Perhaps an easier and quicker
way to implement the "tree" would be to use an idea someone -- I think
Ami Ganguli -- proposed a month or two ago: once a question is posed,
all responses are sent to the questioner, who is then responsible for
summarizing the respones and posting to the list. These summarized
responses could immediately start being fed into the tree, while also
reducing mail.

Also, I don't think help -- tree or otherwise -- should be organized
solely by package. As a new user I don't necessarily know what package
is the source (or solution) to my problem. Ideally, in addition to
package, help could be referenced by subject, e.g., mail, mouse,
X-windows, etc. I know the HOW-TOs are organized by subject so it would
be somewhat redundant, but when a problem occurs the first question is
usually phrased in terms of subject.

Just my thoughts.


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