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Re: Beginner's Question

On 10-Feb-97, Philippe Troin wrote:

>On Mon, 10 Feb 1997 13:37:10 PST Colin Watt (C.Watt@cranfield.ac.uk) 

>> I have download the Debian files and created my disks and loaded Debian
>>Linux on a stand alone PC.
>> All is well - but what next?

This is a question I have asked myself many times... I don't want to buy a CD
to install Debian and I don't want to stay connected to my ISP either.

>I guess you've just installed the base disks.
>Now, you need to install supplemental packages using dselect.
>If you have a CD-ROM, this will be straightforward.
>Otherwise, you'll have to configure ppp or your ethernet card to get net
>access, and install with the ftp option of dselect.

Well it's time for me to ask this question. How does Dselects' ftp mode work,
can I select which packages to install, and then get a list of files to
download from a Debian FTP mirror? I'm a person who has got  the bad habit of
RTFM (gasp), but the problem is that I can't find anything about *what*
exactly all the modes  does..  

Erik Johansson, one of those sloppy students
A big QNX, Linux/x86/m68k Amiga and BeOS fan

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