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Re: ls colors gone after upgrade

On 17 Feb 1997, Michael Harnois wrote:

> > 
> >    .bashrc and/or .profile (or .cshrc or .zshrc, whatever):
> > 	eval `dircolors`
> > 	alias ls 'ls --color=auto'
> This would be wonderful if it were the correct answer. However, as we

This IS the correct answer, WTF are you talking about? I've been using a
similar alias in my startup scripts for months now.
> discussed just over a month ago on this list, the correct answer is not
> documented anywhere in the Debian packages. You can read the manpage
> for ls until hell freezes over and still not get color. The correct
> answer was provided by Herbert Xu:
I man ls, one of the options is --color. This should've clued you in.
Maybe your brain froze over...

> > Yes indeed.  And that means you need this resource line:
> >
> >	XTerm*customization: -color
Uh, this will only work in an Xterm. Did you just want it in JUST an
Xterm? I don't have access to your original email. If this is the case you
should've specified. Anyway, the above solution will also work on Xterms.
They read the .bashrc by default (assuming you're running bash...). I also
assume you can export the aliases (although I've never done so...)

Stop confusing the populace.


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