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Re: Help with disk partition.

jamartin@ts.es (Jose Antonio Martin Guerra) wrote:

 > I would like to use 500MB for Linux and 1.500MB for DOS, WINNT, WIN95.

 > How do I go about creating partitions and formatting the disk, taking
 > into account the problem with > 1024 cylinders.

 > I am starting from scratch so I can reformat the whole disk.

  Turn on LBA or Large mode in your BIOS setup. Linux understands and
supports this, and it gets rid of the 1024 cylinder problem for all
operating systems you mention. You can then partition your HD any way
you like.


Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
The Boot Control home page: http://www.xs4all.nl/~gklein/bcpage.html

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