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Re: Debian on the shuttle

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Yoav Cohen-Sivan wrote:

> 	It is a sort of Press Release whipped-up by the Debian Project Leader.
> I really didn't intend to chastise him for this - I am a staunch Debian
> advocate. I just wanted to remark that the "press release" was a bit
> low-key on attributing the GNU project and Linus for most of Debian.
> Seeing as how it looks like this is a release meant for the general
> public I deem it only fair that they think of Debian as an
> implementation of the GNU project and the Linux Kernel, and not as some
> new OS. I would prefer Debian stood on its own merit.

Please people, let's not get ridiculous about this.  It's called Debian
GNU/Linux, which is more than enough credit for GNU.  As Linus has said
before, the only really essential GNU tool for Linux to exist was gcc.
Everything else is available (though usually inferior to the GNU

As for credit for Linus himself, let's not forget it's called "Linux".

I believe the press release was a _Debian_ press release.  If GNU wants to
talk about a GNU system with a Linux kernel being on the space shuttle
then they can make a press release.  If Linus wants to give his life
history and how a project he started is on the space shuttle, then he can
make a press release.  If you want to see something with lots of
information about GNU, Debian, and Linus put all together, then there's a
such thing as a joint press release.

But really, this is a silly thing to complain about.  It's like seeing a
netscape press release that doesn't credit Mosaic and complaining.

Douglas L Stewart

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