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Re: Is there a WorkMan deb?

In article <330EEE88.27F85B8F@elastica.com> you wrote:
>Any recommendations for Cd tools?
>I want something that I can set up the tracks with.
>cdplay in cdtools doesn't let me do that.

It does, but you have to manually edit the ~/.cdtooldb. WorkMan uses the
same format for its database, so if you have that, a simple "ln -s
.workmandb .cdtooldb" should be enough. (After which you can use "cdir" to
see the track list for the CD currently in your drive.)

Cdtool has the program `cdadd', which helps in creating a database entry for
a CD. See "man cdtool" for details.

>I know of Mcd and I prefer Workman of the two.

I like WorkMan too, except for the fact that it uses the XView libraries
(which wouldn't be so bad if something else used them too, but it's kind of
a waste to have them for just one small program). I haven't seen WorkMan in
the Debian distribution, though -- maybe someone should package it?

However, there is the multimedia package in stable/sound. It has both a
mixer and a CD player, using plain Xlib (looks quite pretty too). 

And, for a more long-term solution (maybe), I have begun writing a CD player
application that uses the Athena widgets (Xaw, or Xaw3d, or Xaw95, or
XawXpm). I'm writing it mostly as a mini-project to learn more Xaw
programming, though, so I'm not sure if I'll ever get it completed. If I do,
I'll make a Debian package out of it. :) (And I think it'll take from a few
weeks to a month for me to get it completed, if I do. No promises. :))

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@spider.compart.fi, rjs@lloke.dna.fi

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