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Re: debian-newbie list

On Feb 20, Bruce Perens wrote
> I think what we need first is a person to coordinate all of the oldbies
> who are answering questions. There has to be a schedule, perhaps a mail
> alias that is directed to different people at different times, etc.
> Second, we need a person who edits all of the questions and answers into a
> web tree. The web tree should be orgnanized by package or something, and
> then under the package name you see a big list of questions and click on
> them to see tha answers.

It could be very useful to use the same system that's used for the
kernel hacker's guide (http://www.redhat.com:8080/HyperNews/get/khg.html).
The KHG uses HyperNews
(http://union.ncsa.uiuc.edu/HyperNews/get/hypernews.html); described as
	HyperNews is a cross between the hypermedia of the WWW and Usenet
	News. Readers can reply to base articles they read in the HyperNews 
	web, and browse through the messages written by other people. A 
	forum(base article) holds a list of messages on a topic, and you 
	can reply to the base article or another reply. These messages are 
	laid out in an indented tree format that shows how the messages are 
	related (i.e. all replies to a message are listed under it and 
	indented). Users can become members of HyperNews or subscribe to a 
	forum in order to get e-mail whenever a message is posted, so they 
	don't have to check if anything new has been added. This e-mail 
	gateway is also bi-directional, so the user doesn't have to find a
	web browser to reply. HyperNews then places the message in the 
	appropriate forum. 

Note that the editor will need an account on the machine hosting HyperNews;
www.debian.org is based on mirroring only, so another host would have to be

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