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Re: Help! Messed up my MBR part 2

hutch@shimoda.ena-east.ericsson.se (Brian Hutchinson) wrote:

 > Here is some more information on my sad state!

[All information zapped...]

>From what you've written, I gather that you inadvertedly told LILO to
overwrite the boot sector (_not_ the MBR) of your DOS partition. DOS
keeps some important bookkeeping information in it's boot sector, among
which the size of the partition, the number of sectors in a cluster,
etc. LILO has overwritten this information, so DOS can no longer boot
from this partition.

I know of no easy solution to this problem. There are no tools that I
know of, that rebuild a DOS bootsector without also destroying all
information on the partition. The simplest thing to do is to reformat
the DOS partition, and reinstall your software. If you have some
absolutely vital information on this partition, I am willing to try to
create a new bootsector for you. For this, I need all partitioning
information (use the Debian rescue disk to run cfdisk). Don't expect
results very soon, though, as it is quite a bit of work (and I can't
guarantee success...)


Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
The Boot Control home page: http://www.xs4all.nl/~gklein/bcpage.html

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