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Re: Innd problems

In article <Pine.BSI.3.95.970219221326.10548A-100000@gold.interlog.com>,
Matthew Stone  <mstone@interlog.com> wrote:
>Hmm.. I am having some problems with innd..  it seems that my innd when I
>try to run the daemon.. it doesn't stay in memory for some reason and
>there for when I run my news problem it can't connect..  what am I do
>wrong..  am I missing any command lines parameters or anything that is

Probably it just doesn't start because of a configuration error. See
if it runs with "ps" and if it doesn't, hunt for debug info in

>Now.. there is one more question I have.. I would like to have no matter
>what I do when I run tin to go to the address listed in the
>/etc/news/server file..  so if I have say blah.blah.blah in it it will try
>and connect to blah.blah.blah when I run tin.. without the need of having
>to run tin -r to access that server..

So run "rtin". Or make "tin" a shell script that call "tin.real -r".

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