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Re: kernel compile

[I can't seem to resolve freeze.oslo.dnmi.mo, and anyway, this should
be of general interest]

	Actually, this maybe and old cleared bug resurfacing, the
 following bug apparently was fixed around, but seems to be
 present in (at least, the patch quoted below does not seem to
 be applied).

        This is the same bug as #5659, which was closed, saying that
 the patch provided by Topi Miettinen <Topi.Miettinen@ml.tele.fi>had
 been installed.I have re-opened bug 5659 since apparently in version, somehow Topi's patch disappeared, and we are getting
 failures with dpkg-gencontrol again.

        The fix is to apply the patch (which I'm reproducing

--- /usr/bin/dpkg-gencontrol.orig       Wed Nov 27 17:21:56 1996
+++ /usr/bin/dpkg-gencontrol    Wed Nov 27 17:51:16 1996
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@
 $fileslistfile="./$fileslistfile" if $fileslistfile =~ m/^\s/;
 open(Y,"> $fileslistfile.new") || &syserr("open new files list file");
-chown(@fowner, "$fileslistfile.new") 
+chown(0, 0, "$fileslistfile.new") 
                || &syserr("chown new files list file");
 if (open(X,"< $fileslistfile")) {
     while (<X>) {

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