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Re: 1.1 dselect stuff

> 1) Deselect detected the new packages and attempted to upgrade 
> everything.  I actually thought this was kind of neat at first 
> until I realized how long 82MB of stuff takes to download over
> a 28.8 link.

There actually is a way to tell it to take no action, however that's
not the default.

> 2) A bug in dpkg couldn't deal with zlib1's "Version: 1:4-6" line.

Hand-install the latest dpkg, and then run dpkg --clear-available.

> 3) Dselect deletes uninstalled files (ones that encountered 
> installation errors) when it asks you "delete installed files?", 

I'm assuming this is the FTP installation method. It should not do
this unless you tell it to remove the directory. It may need an
upgrade too.

> 4) Deselect downloads the files in a random order (a perl hash
> at work here no doubt:)  What it should do is a DFS on the dependency 
> tree so that if your download is incomplete most of the files you
> grabbed will still install.

We know. We've been working on dependency graph tools.


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